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Limited Beta Test Coming Soon! Sign up now and be among the first to roam the world of Durango! Dec 13th, 2016 - Jan 3rd, 2017

Beta tiket note issuing

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  • • The limited beta test invitation and relevant information will be sent to your registered email.
  • • Invalid information - like a mistyped email or incorrect device OS information - may prevent you from playing.
  • • This is NOT an open beta! You will need a beta key to join. Sign up and don't miss out!
  • • Your given email address will be kept after this beta test for up to one year, after which it will be erased from our files.
  • • You can always unsubscribe from promotional emails by clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ button located right next to the sender address.
  • • The above schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

For Players Using Test Flight on iOS

  • • iOS users can join the beta through Test Flight, but you must still register with us on the page above first.
  • • Up to 2,000 iOS users will be invited to participate through Test Flight.
  • • You can install the Test Flight app here: Download from the App Store Download from the App Store
  • • The Test Flight invitation containing the app installation URL will be sent in two waves: Dec13th, and 20th.
  • • Once you have received the invitation, click the "Start Testing" link in the email to join the beta!
  • • Recommended device specs for iOS : iPhone5S / iPad Mini Retina and above, iOS 9 and above.
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